E-commerce Shopping Cart Comparison

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Ecommerce Shopping Carts
Ecommerce Shopping Carts

idly flourishing, the need for better e-commerce shopping carts has greatly increased. There are many shopping carts available across the web. However, very few have achieved success. A few of those software packages which made it through are BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, Yahoo! Stores, Zencart, NopCommerce and Magento.

You must be wondering about why other shopping carts you know aren’t listed. Well, it’s just because it may not be as good as these packages. For an e-commerce shopping cart to be known as good, there are a few things one should consider:

  • It should have good SEO ranking, so that it rises high in the search results. This feature is important for business professionals who want to make it big in the world of e-commerce.
  • The security options provided by the shopping cart should be satisfying enough for the user.
  • The customization an e-commerce shopping cart has to offer should be user friendly

With this the shipping options and other designing features also come into account. In all, an e-commerce shopping cart has to be friendly for its users.

When you are comparing shopping carts, you have to have a critical eye. So far, Bis the only software which managed to provide all the standards of an e-shopping cart. its easy design, customer-friendly appearance, amazing SEO, great shipping options and many other features have made it the best among all others. Its biggest rival is Shopify, which also offers many great features quite similar to BigCommerce, but BigCommerce outweighs them all. As for other shopping carts like Magento, these have easy to use features, but they all lag behind when compared to BigCommerce. There are some problems with BigCommerce as well and there are times when Shopify, the software’s biggest competitor beats it. Yet considering the benefits of BigCommerce, these drawbacks are negligible. One can surely rely on BigCommerce for the improvement of their online business.

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