Business Revolution

I think that we are about to see another dramatic shift in the way business works. Wal-Mart changed the way most of America purchased it’s products a couple of decades ago from having to go to lots of smaller stores to purchase pricey goods, to going to one giant supplier to get most goods at low prices.

Right now, there are tens of thousands of small ecommerce websites and a few larger ones. I think that over the next five years we are going to see a massive shake up with a few monster websites that best manage logistics taking over most sales business done online and greatly expanding the amount of people who purchase items online. The most efficient shipping companies stand to benefit from this- FedEx or even Wal-Mart’s supply chains are the most obvious immediate beneficiaries. Invest in them.

How can you make yourself more attractive to women?

I have been doing way too much work with Excel and financial projections lately and now I have attempted to apply that logical approach to what men should focus on when trying to attract women. If you have any opinions that differ with mine, please feel free to post your ratings and reasoning in the comments and if you convince me, I’ll change the post. Also, I will do another post in the future with what women should focus on to attract men.

First, I thought “what are the most important factors to women when they look for a man?” Obviously, I’m not a woman, so I have to go off of what qualities I’ve observed attract women and women I trust have said they look for in men. I narrowed it down to money, looks, athleticism, maturity, humor, intelligence, loyalty and confidence.

Next, I rated each of these factors by the time it takes for a woman to recognize them or “Instant perceivability”. I also rated each factor by what my opinion the importance of each factor is. I then multiplied the two factors together to give me a total value number. As a man, if you are contemplating what areas you should improve in yourself, keep in mind that you shouldn’t just put all your effort into the highest value; rather you need to consider what your weakest areas are currently and what return you can get from the effort you put in.

Instant Perceivability Importance Total Value
Looks 10 8 80
Money 7 9 63
Humor 7 7 49
Athleticism 8 5 40
Maturity 5 7 35
Intelligence 6 5 30
Confidence 6 5 30
Loyalty 2 7 14
Instant Perceivability Importance Total Value

Flag football

I am about to go play flag football in a couple of hours. Our team has not done so well, we are 1-3 right now against some pretty good teams. The biggest problem we have is that our defense can’t stop anyone, though we also can’t move the ball too well on offense. I got my first chance at quarterback last week and scored two touchdowns on three drives, which is pretty good. I may play again today even though our regular quarterback is now back, we’ll see.

Message from Josh… Never been as proud of one of my bros

Just wanted to thank you for some things,

Lately I have seen the many contradictions the Christian religion has, and it’s many contradictions it makes with itself. I think somewhere inside I’m still trying to cling onto the faith, but every day I begin to see the truth more and more. The only reason I ever really was a Christian was because it made myself feel good to think that there was something out there that could perform a miracle to make my life better, but now I realize all I needed to do was do it myself. Also, we were drilled with religion since we we’re young, and told we would go to hell if we didn’t agree with what God/Bible said. I feel free now, like I took off a heavy weight on my shoulders, it feels better than (deleted lol). Even I now realize how dumb it is to say “cuss” words are bad, people that said they’re bad were the ones who made them bad, after all they’re just words. (Personal… deleted.) And I look forward to satisfy my need for woman, just need to stay safe (hahahhahaha… he’s my blood for sure 😉 ). I wanted to thank you for helping me get out of this religious suck.


Seeing this message blew my mind. I was Josh’s age when I really started to question religion and it was one of the toughest, most thought out decisions I’ve ever made when I moved on to better pastures. For me, it was a process of going back and forth inside my head for several years. I didn’t really start to settle the issues to till I was 16 and it took me two more years to muster the courage and strength of purpose to tell everyone I knew. At that time, every person in my life was religious (entire family and I attended a religious school, so all my friends were the same way). Joshua has thought it out and announced to everyone he knows at the very young age that he will not bow to brainwashing and superstition any longer. He still lives with my abusive father, Randall Gross, and probably will have to put up with a lot of harassment from him and all the other religious people in his life. Josh is a stud though and should be alright. He posted this on his myspace:


As of late I have decided not to join the Freemasons. This is because I do not meet one of the requirements: believe in a Supreme Being. I have lately been questioning the Christian faith. And as I begin to question the religion I realize its many flaws ( contact me and I will tell you why). The only reason why I was ever Christian was because it was drilled into my head that if I wasn’t Christian I would go to Hell, I feel the only reason why I stuck with it until now was out of a fear, but now I see how the religion contradicts itself countless times ( again please contact me again and I will tell you why).

Thank you,


Josh is my new hero.


Friendship is a strange beast; it is constantly evolving, yet some things always stay the same. You never know who is in your life now that will grow to be one of your closest friends. Sadly sometimes you also grow apart from friends, but generally when you meet up with them again you can pick up right where you left off. Though this can be weird when you meet up with someone you were best friends with at 8 years old. Somehow, cracking those same jokes doesn’t have an effect identical to how it used to be. Or it does.

The internet and the ease of access to instant communication has made it much, much easier to keep up with old friends who have moved to different places. Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Friendster, MSN IM, AIM and Gmail chat are just a few of the programs that can be used to keep yourself in close contact with those you care about. I talk to Faryar, who lives in London now, all the time online, though we have only talked on the phone once in a year. I think we are both fully up on each others lives and talk and joke just like we always have. Jeremy moved to LA a year ago, yet every morning I get a cheery good morning message from him along with various quips all day long.

I couldn’t imagine living in a world without the internet and the constant communication pipelines I can maintain with my friends. Work must have been miserable a mere 10 years ago. I feel privileged to be born in this time. Though people entering the workforce 10 years ago probably felt privileged to have entered the workforce when they did and not a decade before when they would’ve had to work with vacuum tube computers that were extremely slow…. or the decade before that when they didn’t have computers and had to do everything by hand… all the way on back to a millenium ago when you worked 16 hours a day 7 days a week in a lord’s field and he kept all your earnings plus slept with your wife on your wedding night. Shit man, my boss tried to sleep with my girlfriend and I would be working on ways to fit his body down my bathroom pipes. Anyways, here is the real question: What is going to be developed a decade from now that is something we absolutely cannot live without?

I rambled off my original topic of friendship, but I’ll conclude with it. Friends are some of the most important people in your life- don’t lose contact and work hard on developing new ones.

How much sex is too much sex?

Becky apparently told Andy while we were dating that I constantly wanted sex and she didn’t know what to do. He delayed relaying this information until tonight during our chess game for some reason. Anyways, I have heard this complaint from other women… I think my 8 foot 500 pound sex drive can occasionally create slight irritants in relationships (Yay! I just won the grand prize for understatement of the year!)

Hmm… If only… I could one day find that magical woman hiding an unstoppable beast of her own… true wuv…

Or maybe as I get older, it will die down a bit and things will be okay when I find a woman two decades my junior…

Or I could start the Fundamentalist Church of Joel featuring the Ten Commandments of Polygamy with Joel….

Or perhaps castration is the only answer.

RIP Penis.

Why is it never simple?

Dating and relationships seem to be full of complications. Little things get blown way out of proportion and people get hurt and angry too easily. I don’t get it; how do two people who supposedly care about each other allow stupid shit to come between them? As I see it, things should be much simpler. When two people trust and care about each other, they should try to keep that at the forefront of their minds; doing so will prevent little things from growing into big issues. I’ve found in past relationships that frustration has usually been the source of breakups. Frustration mounts when people stop working together and standing side by side and won’t back each other up. My ideal relationship is one in which both of us completely trust each other and do everything we can to help one another succeed and be happy.