Holy Shinolie

The Bush Administration is debating labelling Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. The war on terror is ridiculous bullshit.. you can’t have war on a tactic. I think our government is finally starting to admit that this war is more about religion than anything else. I thought terrorists were people who use violence and fear to create mayhem and achieve their objectives while disguised as civilians.… read more “Holy Shinolie”

Joel’s loses his writing virginity

I decided to write a story… this is my first draft of my first one, so please be kind. I would appreciate you guys’ thoughts on it. The story is a moment in the life of a character named John. My working title is “John and Pete”. Creative, I know. Anyways here it is:

“Finally done”, I grunted to myself as I slowly walked out to my worn Datsun pickup in the parking lot.… read more “Joel’s loses his writing virginity”

Gatorade Bottle Ideas

I feel like a wild Indian, finding many uses for standard products that surround me. Except instead of using buffalo eyeballs as tampons, I find new uses for Gatorade bottles. For the last few years I have used Gatorade not only for it’s wonderfully tasty sports-enhancement product, but also for the bottles this nectar of the gods comes in.… read more “Gatorade Bottle Ideas”

One more reason why I am a legend…

Fletch and I went out to the bars in Belltown on Friday night and I made him a bet.

I told him I could get one of the two semi-cute girls at the table behind us to willingly put salt in her drink. He said no way, so I turned around and went to work.

“Is that a whiskey coke?” I asked

“No, It’s a ginger ale & vodka”, she replied with a seductive smile.… read more “One more reason why I am a legend…”