After Laurel and I visited Portland for Jordan’s wedding, we watched a few episodes of the Portlandia television show on Netflix. Pretty funny, but it does wear out after a few episodes.

My Investment Principles

The goal of my investment principles is to maximize the value of my investments over my lifetime. I want a high return with low risk.

Here they are in their current form in order of priority:

  1. Seek companies that I believe have a high probability of long term (10+ years) success
  2. The most successful companies are run by their founders on a day to day basis.
  3. Companies should have a very strong price to sales and price to earnings ratio compared to their competitors and industry at large
  4. Companies should pay a regular dividends
  5. Companies should use debt safely and moderately if at all.
  6. Tax harvesting is okay to use, but making returns should always be the top goal. Taxes are secondary.
  7. Balance bonds with stocks. Never less than 20% in one or the either.
  8. Balance domestic with foreign investments
  9. Investing in my own business is usually the best way to achieve the above goals. Diversification is important though.

17 Offers

For a long time, capacity has been one of Coalition’s greatest limiting factors. I built a new recruiting system though that has helped us exponentially increase our ability to hire new folks. Now, it is making hiring new people on much easier. I am actually preparing to send out 17 offer letters today! I hope to have about 8 of those people accept the offers and maybe 5-6 work out to be great team members. That’s based on past experience of the ratio of how things work out.

Reflection on Company Video

I have been trying to review my old work and interactions with people to see what I can learn. Today I am watching one of my company videos from a few months back.

My notes:

  • Make sure that I share my screen when doing demonstrations so remote workers can see it.
  • Have other people talk more, not just me.
  • Kind of boring
  • Use more visuals, try to do powerpoints
  • Mix up the topics more
  • Bring in outsiders