Sites to visit (don’t)

Some sites you may be interested (don’t bother they all suck) in visiting are:

Extensive psychology articles that discuss all the different aspects of human sexuality, murder and other really fun stuff.

When you have looked at all the psychology information, be sure to go read the awesome stories written by Fletch… Fletch has some real and true writing talent.

If you are wanting to try to save the planet, you should inspect the Wind Turbine Project website. It has lots of cool facts about wind power and energy.

The Democratic Dentist website has tons of cool info on how life is going in the realm of business, politics, people and dentistry.

To learn about the management of brands and other important factoids that can help you make a difference, go check out my new educational website.

The Peak of Narcissism

A dear friend mentioned to me earlier this evening that I should write a blog “on the idea, or possibility that blogs are a symptom of our generation (the “me generation”)’s delusion that we are all interesting enough – great enough, etc. – to be chronicled, and read.” In response to such an interesting query, I decided to have three facets of the diamond that is me reply; my logical side, my romantic side and my meatheaded side. I believe that everyone has many sides to them of which they are generally only able to present one aspect at a time and usually only one part of themselves to any particular individual. So I will show you some of my dazzling beauty by interviewing myself.

Q: Is there a proliferation of self-aggrandizing behavior in the current generation, as represented by many people who have websites and blogs?

Logical Me: Absolutely. I am a prime example of this sort of behavior. Lately, I have churned out an average of two to three blogs a day, 90% of which are complete shit. However, I have been trying to motivate myself to write a diary for years and only write one entry per month, usually when I am depressed. The blog motivates me to write a lot more often and gives me instant feedback from people who care enough about me to read it. I think my writing skills have begun to improve through this practice and may one day come back and rewrite some of the better entries.

Romantic Me: Every person has their own unique perspective to present and we can all learn something from others. For instance, I enjoy reading Jeremy’s blog and occasionally Ashley’s. I wish more of my friends had blogs. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to host your blog on a subdomain of my site. I’ll set it up and everything.

Meatheaded Me: Who uses the internet for purposes other than looking at porn? Waste of time.

The Sock Demon

I finally folded my giant pile of socks today. When I was finished, I had about 40 loners lined up. Where the hell did all their friends go? It’s not like you can easily lose a sock- it doesn’t just ‘fall’ off of your foot after all. I have come to the conclusion that there must exist a Sock Demon. He is much like the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause or Jesus Christ in that he exists solely to help me deal with a scary reality.

New books incoming!

I just ordered myself “Atlas Shrugged” and “Ender’s Game”.

Atlas Shrugged is the second, supposedly better book that follows the Fountainhead. My old roommate, Big Gay Brent, said that it was the best book he’s ever read and he rereads it twice a year. Andy Meade’s entire life philosophy revolves around this book. I figure it should be an interesting read.

Ender’s Game is supposed to be a classic sci-fi type book by Orson Scott Card. Jeremy and Andy have both recommended it to me and said it is supposed to be excellent.

I haven’t had a great book to read in a while, I’m excited!

Online affairs?!

Having an affair offline is a horrible, awful thing to do. But what about an affair online? MSNBC posted an article on people who have affairs online with people they’ve never met and the resulting divorces. Crazy shit. Who the hell gets on World of Warcraft and after hacking down a couple of monsters, gets married?

Idea for replacing BCS in college football

As everyone knows and agrees, the current system for finding a national champion in college football is terminally flawed. In 2004, undefeated Auburn got denied a chance to compete for the championship because currently the two teams that get to play for it are determined by a computer algorithm that weights strength of schedule, margin of wins and other factors.

Here is my idea for a replacement system that would be absolute and much, much more exciting to watch. Teams would schedule and play their first 4 games as normal. After that, based on the previous years’ ranking of teams a massive, nationwide 8 game tournament would be held. The national champion the previous year would play the worst team from the last year and so on in the first game. There also would be a structure set up for the losing teams to continue playing games to determine their final ranking. Every team, even teams that lost every game all season, would still have 8 games through the tournament to determine exactly where they place on the nationwide scale. The final week would always be the most exciting as hype had built all year around the two teams that had remained undefeated all season and the national championship contest itself would be a massive spectacle with the only undefeated team emerging as national champion every year.

The first 4 games would be scheduled by teams’ athletic departments so traditional rivalry games could still happen every year, such as the Apple Cup, Notre Dame vs Michigan, USC vs UCLA, etc.

What do you guys think? Good idea, bad idea? What are potential issues with such a tournament system?

Brett Favre

Brett Favre is a stud among studs. He has won more NFL games than any other quarterback in history, as of Sunday (149) He has the longest streak in the NFL of never missing a game (258). Every game the Green Bay Packers have played between September 1992 and today he has started. In the rough world of the NFL, where every game typically one or two players go down with major injuries, this is incredible. The physical punishment faced every single day by players is incredible. Hats off to Favre.