Hoo- RAH!

We had another motivational company-wide meeting today. Each of our top managers took turns talking about why what we are doing is important and what we should do about it. They had intended to have a quick 20 minute meeting followed by pizza, but they ended up stretching it out for 45 minutes. One unnamed manager, when trying to respond to the question, “What is our company mission?”,… read more “Hoo- RAH!”


Google has introduced a free information service for people to call if they want listings of local businesses. It’s a voice-based local search service that can get helpful information. I tried it out and the voice recognition software is the best I’ve ever heard. It actually understood everything I said, which is completely amazing. I recommend using it over the expensive version offered by your cell phone provider.

Flag football

I am about to go play flag football in a couple of hours. Our team has not done so well, we are 1-3 right now against some pretty good teams. The biggest problem we have is that our defense can’t stop anyone, though we also can’t move the ball too well on offense. I got my first chance at quarterback last week and scored two touchdowns on three drives, which is pretty good.… read more “Flag football”

Message from Josh… Never been as proud of one of my bros

Just wanted to thank you for some things,

Lately I have seen the many contradictions the Christian religion has, and it’s many contradictions it makes with itself. I think somewhere inside I’m still trying to cling onto the faith, but every day I begin to see the truth more and more. The only reason I ever really was a Christian was because it made myself feel good to think that there was something out there that could perform a miracle to make my life better, but now I realize all I needed to do was do it myself.read more “Message from Josh… Never been as proud of one of my bros”