Facebook Stake Purchased By Microsoft

Microsoft got ripped off, investing $240 million dollars in Facebook and only getting a 1.6% stake in return. The deal values Facebook at $15 billion. Mark Zuckerberg, the 23 year old owner of a 20% stake, is now worth about three billion dollars. Hot damn, I need to get my own business going at a much faster rate. I love seeing success.

On another note, remember the huge deal where Rupert Murdoch purchased MySpace in 2005 for $580 million? What looked like a rip off then now looks another brilliant maneuver by a media titan.

Beautiful day!

Today looks like it’s going to be very pretty!

On my way into work, I was looking out over the water and the big buildings downtown with the Cascade mountains in the distance with the sky behind them a deep red color and decided that life is good. The air was brisk and cool. Everything was crystal clear.

At work, I now have a view. I can see a bunch of buildings outside and the hospital up on the hill.

I think I’m going to go play tennis after work.