Joel Update

I have not been posting frequently lately as I have been incredibly busy with work.

A few random updates on my life though:

  1. Reading “The History of Western Philosophy” by Bertrand Russell
  2. My room is growing messier due to my workload
  3. Basketball ability is rapidly improving, especially my big man game
  4. Having Tara visit this coming weekend
  5. New friends galore: business associates, basketball players, friends of friends, randoms
  6. Failed to keep practicing guitar, need more time
  7. Socrates was fascinating, as was Plato

Religious Leaders Response to Prayers 4 Sale

I received the following email from a major figure in the Christian religion following the article in AOL about my prayer for sale website:

Hi Joel-

Your website doesn’t give anyone a way to contact you.  Hopefully this reaches you.
Interesting concept you have, but as a former televangelist and former fundamental Christian and co-host of the 700 Club with Pat Robertson–honest Injun’–you have to expand your idea to catch the aha!
read more “Religious Leaders Response to Prayers 4 Sale”

Math & Science Tutoring Website Launch

I am happy to announce the launch of my new math tutoring & science tutoring website intended to help people who need experts tutors to get help.  The website is a joint effort between myself and Adam Wes Academics and we have been working on building it for over two months now.  The site has over sixty pages of informational articles on tutors, a contact form on every page, and discount codes to help people save money. … read more “Math & Science Tutoring Website Launch”

Super Bowl & Bday Party

Today is February 7th, an occasion for two big celebrations: my birthday and the Super Bowl.  I am having a bunch of my LA buddies over to watch the game & feast.

Super Bowl Prediction: Colts win 28-21