“Morally Corrupt”

Frightening. Religion really freaks me out. Christians used to do this shit too before they stopped believing in the literal text of the Bible and emasculated their beliefs. How can you approve vigilante murders for “chastity crimes”, insulting the prophet Mohammed or being “morally corrupt”?!? You want to know what was morally corrupt that one young couple did? They were engaged to be married and WALKED TOGETHER IN PUBLIC! There are lots of these ancient superstitions, but in Iran, they are enforced by their Supreme Court. Horrifying. As Richard Dawkins put it, “Religion is a virus of the mind”.

Most of my life I’ve tended to be more towards the Republican side politically, because I am a huge supporter of small government and free market fiscal policies. However, the Republican party has slowly morphed into a party that is controlled by religious interest groups and now wants to codify their silly beliefs into law. In the last eight years they have had nearly full control of the government and instead of shrinking the government and the national debt (cornerstones of fiscally conservative economics), they have expanded the national government and the debt at an unprecedented rate. There has been way too many pork projects getting passed and far too little good legislation. Our Middle East policy has been thoroughly bungled. The Republican party is full of cowards who just want re-election and won’t stand by their beliefs. The Democrats aren’t much better though; we need to change the two-party system. Both parties are just set up to retain power and not make the positive changes that are so desperately needed.

Since I have had the legal right to vote when I turned 18, I have abstained from participating in our elections because both parties churn out politicians who make me sick. Not only that, but many of the elections we hold are semi- to fully fixed. Thousands of dead people vote in every county in each election and most of them are counted.

Want to know the worst part? I think our horrific political system is probably the best in the world… At least Big Brother isn’t as involved in my life as it is in Europe or South America and I don’t have to worry about being murdered for walking down the street with my girlfriend. What a terrible world we live in.

Time to get in shape

For months now I’ve been talking about getting in shape, but have been really busy and haven’t been able to really do all I have wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong: I still have been lifting 3 days a week and doing occasional cardio. Now though I am going to really step it up and get in great shape for the summer months.

Today I went for a long run during lunch and this evening I’m going to go lift and probably do another half hour of cardio. I need to start doing more abs and cardio and get my six-pack back.

Three years ago, I used ephedra during its last legal period and got incredibly ripped. Ephedra has some side effects though that I didn’t really like (not as sociable, easily agitated), so I am going to be going all natural this time. Also, to clarify for those of you who don’t know, ephedra is just a dietary supplement, like ginseng that raises your metabolism to a higher rate. Some people i know have confused ephedra with steroids before and there is a world of difference. Ephedra has no known side effects except in massive overdoses (heart attacks) and does not cause the large psychological changes that steroids do. However, I am still going to get my six pack with no outside help this time.

I strongly suggest to anyone who reads my blog to join me and get yourselves fit. You will feel better all the time and you will have a healthier life.

Deep Relationships

I have been thinking about relationships a lot lately. Kind of cheesy, yes, but still it’s been on my mind. I am not the type of guy who just likes to just hook up or even have casual friends. Being close to someone and having a deep, meaningful relationship it makes everything else pale by comparison. I almost always have these relationships with people, whether they be family, friends or girlfriends. Typically this results in me having a select, small circle of people who are very close to me and then a big gulf between them and all of my acquaintances and people I don’t spend much time with.

Approaching life with stringent requirements and intense relationships has its ups and its downs. The people that I become close to know that I will never forget about them and will always love and care for them and I know that they will do the same for me. However, when one of us moves away or if its a girlfriend and we break up or if we just get busy, it’s not easy to move on and can be quite painful (which is the reason most people are very guarded against such relationships). Even with these difficulties, I think that these relationships are by far the best way to go. As time passes everything gets better in these relationships; you know each other more and more, your conversations keep improving and you know you can rely upon each other.

In order to have relationships like this, I have discovered that you must be able to do several important things. First and foremost, I have to try my best to be the ideal partner for the other person and trust that they will do the same for me. If you don’t know that the other person is working as hard as you are, you are likely to slack off or give up. Second, everyone is flawed and you have to expect failures along the way and learn how to overlook and forgive problems. If someone messes up (and they always do) and you can’t let it go, you will never be able to have very intimate relationships. Finally, you have to be able to treat the person as they could be, while still accepting them for who they are. When both people do these things, you can do anything together.

Throughout my life these have been my relationships. One or two or rarely three people that I spend all my time with and become best friends with. They don’t always end well, but they are far more satisfying than all of my other relationships. I wouldn’t trade them for the world and will continue to pursue people I respect enough to have them with and keep my guard down so they can come to me as well.

Puyallup- South Hill

I hadn’t seen my old friend Justin White in a while, so I went down to Puyallup today to see him and to do my laundry. When I was about halfway down, I called him and he said that he was at his new girlfriend’s house on South Hill so I just headed straight over there. She lives in the same apartment complex as my little brother’s old girlfriend (small world). Her apartment is $900 for a gigantic two bedroom, which is about a third of the price of a similar place anywhere in Seattle. It kills me because I am looking for a new place right now and Seattle prices are obscene.

When I arrived down here, I went inside and met Justin’s girlfriend: she was really good-looking. Justin has made a major upgrade from his ex-wife. His ex-wife was mean, petty and treated him really badly, but the new girl is really kind-hearted and fun to be around. Plus she’s hot ;). Her, Justin and I went to the junior high school’s field across the street and played outside in the sun for awhile, which was awesome because I haven’t been able to enjoy some of the nicer weather we’ve been having yet. I can’t wait for summer… We came back inside and watched a movie: “idiocracy” which basically describes a lot of the less than intelligent people I used to know. The premise of the movie is that intelligent people usually only have none or 1 or 2 kids, while white trash hicks are always pregnant and because of this the future will be populated by idiots. It wasn’t a work of art, but I was actually entertained. One of Justin’s girlfriend’s named Tony came over and watched the movie with us and I think he was dumber than most of the characters; he kept up a mind-numbing running commentary through the whole movie.

Now that the movie is over, I am just sitting here and waiting for my laundry to get done and watch the depressing scene of Justin and his girlfriend waste their lives playing WoW and their roommate play demos of video games. At least Justin gets to be with his hot girlfriend tonight though, I am just going to drive home and work.

Good Dinner

Last night, Plato and I cooked ourselves a delectable meal.

We went and picked up all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s and then brought them back to my apartment for cooking. At Trader Joe’s we picked up something neither of us had really had before, but decided to experiment with it: Spelt. I think it is some sort of grain and it was packaged with seasonings and all the stuff we needed for it. Spelt requires a strange cooking technique; you start out sauteeing it in oil and then slowly adding water till it plump up to a nice chewy texture. Our main course was white king salmon and we had a tasty tomato salad and a specialty baguette as the side dishes. All of that was washed down with a couple of bottles of white wine. Great meal.

Later, we headed to Kai’s and relaxed there with Plato’s girlfriend, Leah, and her friend Shannon, but I started feeling down after a short while and just went home to bed.

Bad things

I was feeling a little bored, so I decided to list a few products and concepts that I have had problems with or are produced by companies that have poor service or just plain bad ideas:

-Gap commercials are the worst I’ve ever seen. I actually refused to purchase from Gap from a long time because I would become enraged at the world every time I saw one. Recently though, I have discovered that they are the only online store that I know of that carries pants in my size, so they actually have grown on me.

-AOL. AOL should be outlawed, they are probably the biggest spammer internationally of both email and snail mail (everybody has a pile of CDs containing “free trials” of their ripoff service). AOL was able to succeed when the internet was starting because people didn’t understand what was going on. AOL has slow connection speed, awful customer service and is overly expensive and their content blows. In today’s world the only people who still use AOL are geriatrics who don’t know any better. Everyone I know has had bad experiences with this company. Time Warner threw away billions when they bought AOL.

-Oakley sunglasses- They just aren’t that cool. You look like a douche.

-Brokerage services (Merrill, Goldman, etc.) They charge you immense fees for “advice” when it’s been proven that a monkey throwing darts at a wall can do just as well. Get yourself on Scottrade.

-Too tight pants. I know this isn’t really a brand, but my balls are getting squeezed ;).

-8 minute abs videos. You have to lose your fat through cardio work to gain visible abs and that takes a lot longer than 8 minutes a day. Scam.

-Professional sports. I enjoy watching them sometimes, but this is a gigantic time and energy sink for people worldwide. We should not make heroes out of people for throwing a ball far, we need heroes that truly accomplish something: scientists, businessmen, artists. If we gave people $100 million dollar contracts for curing diseases, AIDS and cancer would probably have already been wiped out. Instead we have an army of fat asses sitting on their couches and screaming at their televisions.

-TV Dramas. Just as bad as pro sports, but targetted at women and some men. I know it’s fun to watch the OC, but wouldn’t rather be out there living your own life, falling in love, making yourself vulnerable and truly experiencing what the world has to offer?

-Rat dogs. You are using a living creature as a fashion accessory.

Good things

To balance out my previous post, I decided to write about some products and concepts that rock the world. Warning: there may be tongue-in-cheek humor ahead as well as deer crossing.

-Social networking sites are able to bring people together for commerce, socialization and fun. Go Facebook, Craigslist and Myspace! Myspace has gotta fix this spam issue though or I will stop using it.

-Beef Jerky- the greatest food ever invented: it’s portable, light, proteinous and incredibly tasty.

-Gap tall men’s pants: I don’t have to let my pants sag a little anymore. I know I said they suck in the last post, but that is their advertising unit. Management should move their marketing department to the basement, then lock the doors and open the water mains. Wait, Russia already did that in Berlin after winning WW2, but we don’t criticize genocide when its done by the victors, right? Wow, I just took that to a whole different level.

-Pez. So simple, So sweet.

-Booze. My one, my only, my life companion.

-Crack. Like Pez, but better.

-Safeway’s giant tubs of masturbating (moisturizing) lotion.

-Women. Especially from my other favorite product, Craigslist’s erotic services.

-Penismobiles (McLaren F1, Corvettes, big lifted trucks). Gotta make up for that small dick somehow.

-Gatorade bottles: they come with a tasty, semi-healthy drink inside and then you can reuse them for a couple of weeks as water bottles/protein drink holders.

Spring in the city

The weather is slowly getting warmer and prettier. Too bad I have to be cooped up in an office all day, working. Perhaps one day soon, I will have a successful business of my own and be able to work wherever I please. Until then, I suppose I’ll have to keep working like a slave for my paycheck.

Actually I have a pretty sweet job and should not be whining, it’s a pretty chill place and I make good money.

I am excited about the weekend coming up tomorrow. Anybody have any fun plans?