I think I found a house to live in!

A few days back, I saw this ad on Craigslist:

One bedroom of three available in perfect Wallingford home. Current occupants are two mid 20’s female professionals: fun people who like to hang out, but are still independent. Large house and yard, one block from bus line (great for UW or downtown commute) in great neighborhood.… read more “I think I found a house to live in!”

“Morally Corrupt”

Frightening. Religion really freaks me out. Christians used to do this shit too before they stopped believing in the literal text of the Bible and emasculated their beliefs. How can you approve vigilante murders for “chastity crimes”, insulting the prophet Mohammed or being “morally corrupt”?!? You want to know what was morally corrupt that one young couple did?… read more ““Morally Corrupt””

Time to get in shape

For months now I’ve been talking about getting in shape, but have been really busy and haven’t been able to really do all I have wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong: I still have been lifting 3 days a week and doing occasional cardio. Now though I am going to really step it up and get in great shape for the summer months.… read more “Time to get in shape”

Good Dinner

Last night, Plato and I cooked ourselves a delectable meal.

We went and picked up all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s and then brought them back to my apartment for cooking. At Trader Joe’s we picked up something neither of us had really had before, but decided to experiment with it: Spelt. I think it is some sort of grain and it was packaged with seasonings and all the stuff we needed for it.… read more “Good Dinner”