I completely forgot the frattastic ridiculousness…

…until I saw this video made by a film major who was a frat brother of mine in Sigma Chi. I highly recommend watching it- it’s hilarious, fairly insightful and stars Jimmy Craig (the initial guy interviewed). Jimmy Craig is one of the funniest guys I’ve met in my entire life, but he’s fairly serious here. The video is made by Chris Frager, who was a really chill guy. There are some old clips from the frat though that brought back memories- zoo hall wrestling, bush jumping, jousting, heavy intoxication, hot naked women, extreme violence, Lord of the Flies social system, women spanking men, drugs, more violence, more alcohol, parades, rush week, parties, sadism, football, physical abuse and all sorts of other fun.

P.S. Justin, don’t be a dumbass and join a frat. Your personality would not be a good match. I’ve seen bad things happen to some people. Bad things.

Busy Bee

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while… I am buried in work.

I am trying to prepare a business proposal and mockup website for the TVI before my company’s October 18th board meeting and I have a ton of stuff to do. I also recently had a friend contact me to build a website for him, so I am trying to juggle a lot of responsibilities.

What a turd

Danny Bonaduce (crazy radio host who had a television show about his addiction to steroids) threw a former “Survivor” reality show winner over his back and smashed his face open at a reality show. The guy had a bunch of teeth broken out. Watch the video.

Flag football creamage

My flag football team got smashed tonight 40-18. I was feeling really out of it and woke up with this sharp pain in my neck this morning so I can’t turn my head. Needless to say, I played very poorly. I got a couple of sacks and broke up some passes, but I also let their not super-fast QB get around the corner a couple of times and on one my whole team just gave up and he went 40 yards for an untouched touchdown. Ugh. Ah well, hopefully i’ll be sharper next week.


Last night I ended up going to a sports bar in Ravenna with Fletch and a group of his law school friends to watch the second half of the UW vs. USC game. Fletch and I split a couple of pitchers of Mac & Jacks and got a couple of Taco Del Mar burritos while laughing at all of the drunk football fans. I made a bet with Fletcher on the game: I pay him a buck if USC won and he pays me $10 if UW won. I, of course, announced the fact that Fletcher had bet against UW on the game to the entire bar haha. The game was pretty close, but the monstrous Trojans were too much for the Huskies and stud QB Jake Locker.

After the game, Fletcher and I went to the hippies house party. The hippies are pretty entertaining folks, mostly UW students (a couple of national merit scholars too), but definitely odd. They had hosted a “wedding” at 6:30; they do these every so often as an excuse for a party and to make out with each other. When Fletch and I showed up, most of them were pretty drunk and there were lots of little couples making out with each other and giving massages. Fletch and I stood there drinking our wine while on 3 different sides of us girls were making out. I actually didn’t even think about it at the time, I’ve been to enough of the hippies affairs to not really notice their eccentricities anymore. Rachel (Fletcher’s woman) called a little later, so we left to pick her up.

On the way to Rachel’s house, Rachelle sent me a text saying she was bored and wanted to hang out, so I called her and we went downtown and picked her up too. We drove around for what seemed like an eternity trying to find parking. Rachelle wanted to go to the See Sound Lounge, so we went there first, but they had a $10 cover and no one except Rachelle had cash. Rachelle said she had some friends coming along shortly and wanted to wait for them, so Fletch, Rachel and I left and went to the Lava Lounge up the street. We ended up hanging out there talking and laughing the rest of the evening. Fletcher decided to be evil and kept buying us shots, so we had to let Rachel drive us home. When she was pulling into my garage, she scraped my car on a pillar. Ugh. Better that than getting a DUI though I suppose. Fletcher and I each had a beer in my apartment and suddenly we both realized we weren’t doing so well… Fletch went into the bathroom and got sick and I fell asleep fully clothed. Next time, no shots for me.

When I woke up this morning, I turned my head in a funny way and tweaked my neck. Now I can’t turn my head and I’m supposed to play in a flag football game later tonight. I may even be quarterback where I have to have my head on a swivel the whole time. Shoot.


Gametime! I’m going to get some snacks and watch it on my couch. So much better than sitting in stands where you can’t see anything. I may go meet Fletch and some other friends at a bar on Ravenna at halftime though.

Gundy’s Rage

I watched the end of a great football game last week between Texas Tech and Oklahoma State University, which OSU won by a hair at the end. But after the game was when the real fireworks started: Gundy, head coach of OSU, came to do his post-game press conference and instead of celebrating his win on national television, he absolutely tore the head off of a columnist who had wrote a negative article about Gundy’s former starting quarterback whom he had just benched the previous week. Click on the link, it’s a pretty impressive rant.

A big controversy has erupted as media types everywhere have circled their wagons and attacked Gundy for his tirade against one of their own. However, every one of his current and former players supports him entirely and I think it was a great thing to do. The column was written by someone who had never played or coached football and repeatedly insulted the former quarterback’s heart and manhood. The coach asks his players to go out every week and put themselves at serious risk for him, the least he can do is stand up for them when they are attacked. I would’ve done the same thing in his place. Perhaps even more.

The High Cost of Chin Repairs

My bill from the University of Washington Medical Center just came.

Stitches: $219
Numbing shot: $155.85
Tetanus shot: $15.50


3 hours of waiting in the emergency room:


What the fuck? That room cost $300 an hour?!!?! I am in the wrong business!

The total bill came to $1,044.35

My bicycle cost $100. Helmet $30. Special seat $30.

Perhaps I should have spent $25 and had my bicycle looked at when I first noticed a problem.

I’m a moron.