Dangers of Blogging

The wife of a rich theater executive, Philip Smith, filmed a YouTube video and posted it on her blog. Her name is Tricia Walsh Smith and she is angry because her husband Philip Smith is divorcing her. The money hungry female dog goes on and on about how she isn’t getting enough money out of her husband and how his daughter is “evil” and trying to screw her out of her $500,000 a year pension when he dies. I hope she doesn’t get a dime. She has ruined her husbands reputation and her own. Tricia Walsh Smith now has a YouTube video that has been watched 2.5 MILLION times and her very own New York Times Article. Watch the video below:

Joel’s L.A. & Vegas Itinerary

Mr. Trent sent me the following schedule for our plans in Los Angeles for my trip that I depart on tomorrow morning!

Friday Apr 18 8pm Cha Cha?
9pm Joel Arrives
10pm Korean BBQ All You Can Eat
11pm PYT Then Cha Cha
Saturday Apr 19 11:30am Phillipe’s Breakfast
12:30pm Climb Mt. Griffith
3pm Mullholland Drive to Santa Monica
5pm Drinks in Santa Monica TBD – Santa Monica TBD
7pm Sushi in K Town – K Town
9pm El Coyote Margaritas
11pm Mandrake, S&S, Backstage
Sunday Apr 20 9:30am Surfing in Malibu – Malibu
4:30pm Neptunes Shrimp and Beer
5:30pm Tender Greens
6:30pm Roosevelt Drinks
7:30pm Cha Cha
Monday Apr 21 1pm Interview SF
Tuesday Apr 22 10am Surfing in Malibu – Malibu
4:30pm Arclight movie
6pm Santa Monica Bars
Wednesday Apr 23 1pm The Getty
3:30pm Arclight?
7pm Dinner Party
Thursday Apr 24

Horse Driving in Car, Answering Phone and Getting Beer

I love this horse. Watch the video below starring a horse that can ride in a car, sitting upright just like a person. The horse can answer the phone and get beer for it’s master as well.

The old men who take care of the horse are also really funny… they probably have nothing else to do except train the horse to ride in cars and answer the phone and get beer from the refrigerator.

Video of Scary Pranks

The following is an entertaining compilation of scary pranks pulled on different people. One boy meets a T-Rex, a man gets electrocuted, a monster comes out of the toilet and in my favorite one at the end a Halloween prankster gets his face knocked in by a scared black guy. Whoops.