Why has man sat still for so long?

For the last twenty years, the human species space program has languished. NASA is full of plodding, uncreative bureacrats. Our primary use of space now is for cell phone and television satellites. Our advances in outer space have slowed to a trickle of what they once were. Is this a problem? Consider the following:

For as long as man has existed, we’ve had all of our eggs in one basket: Earth.… read more “Why has man sat still for so long?”

Ender’s Game

I just finished reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Great book and a fast read, I highly recommend it.

The story is about a young boy who has the greatest mind of any human alive, perhaps in history. Napoleon, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar rolled up into one; except without their failings. Mankind had been attacked by an alien species that tried to colonize our planet twice and the boy is supposed to be the only hope for man to survive a true invasion.… read more “Ender’s Game”


Nothing is more frustrating to me than people who are unreliable and don’t do what they’ve said they’d do. My grandpa probably had a part in instilling this feeling in me, as well as the anger I had towards my parents when they didn’t follow through on their promises. I will stroll through hell’s heat or the arctic’s cold to ensure that I deliver on my word.… read more “Reliability”


Bestemor (my grandma) has been hammering on me for years to be more considerate of people. I think it’s finally starting to sink in. I try to help my family and friends whenever possible and think about others feelings and ideas carefully, even certain annoying coworkers lol. Bestemor has always been very caring for me, from helping me with the mundane tasks (dentist appointments, football practice), to fun stuff (skiing at the cabin, gifts) to the larger issues of life (where to go to college, what profession, how to treat people).… read more “Consideration”

Mercenaries in Iraq

According to a report prepared for Congress, there are about 30,000 “private security contractors” currently in Iraq performing military functions… aka mercenaries. There are another 182,000 people under U.S. government contracts operating in Iraq (these are builders, suppliers, engineers, etc.)

Most of the mercenaries are former military men, now employed by security firms such as Blackwater.… read more “Mercenaries in Iraq”